fucking awesome
Black Swan was fawesome!
by chiuchiutrain December 22, 2010
Fucking awesome.
That movie was fawesome. Ross throws the best parties, they are always fawesome.
by taurustheyearofthedog October 22, 2010

something that is fucking awesome
"dude, you owned that kid on WoW. F-awesome!"
by pope12345 January 15, 2007
Fucking awesome...Something has to be extemely cool before it is FaWeSoMe!
Josey Mccoy is fawesome....almost as fawesome as me!
by Big D! November 30, 2004
That dance was fawesome!!!
by Sweet-Thing June 30, 2011
F@$! Awesome.
His ass looks fawesome in those jeans!
by Aunt Dawna December 09, 2010
Fucking Awesome!
This movie was fawesome!
This chick looks fawesome!
I'm fawesome!
This definition is fawesome!!!
by Pat and Myr September 22, 2010

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