Fuckin awesome.
Dude that party last night was fawesome!!! fawesome
by This kid who invented it November 01, 2009
Not different to the creation of the term 'Fugly', 'Fawesome' is slang for 'Fucking Awesome'
Have you seen this band play live before?

Yeah man they were fawesome!
by mkirana April 11, 2009
fucking awesome
WOW that party was so fawesome!
by Astria January 15, 2009
Ariel,Alyssa,Brittany are so Fawesome!
by ariellovesgreen October 17, 2008
emily fucking t, because she is fucking awesome
after all the bad stuff i did to her last year she still became my friend and i love her, emily and grace are so Fawesome
by iloveemily September 01, 2006
Fucking awesome, frickin' awesome. adj.
That hairstly is so fawesome!
by Katie February 27, 2005
the merge of the words fucking awesome
That movie was f'awesome!
by Brett Potts June 12, 2007

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