fucking awesome simpply combined to make "fawesome"
"Dude That Party Was Fawesome!"
by little_drummer_man August 02, 2006
(faw•suh m)
Definition:To be fucking awesome.
Example: Wanefawesome's cartoons and music parodies on YouTube are fawesome.
by Wane_Fawesome April 15, 2011
Fucking+awesome. Nuff said.
Yo dude, did you hear that new song by Cobra Starship? It's fawesome!
by Jen Deverill August 17, 2009
Fucking awesome. F can be added to almost any word (i.e. fretarded, fweird, fsweet, etc.). Originated in order to use the f bomb in a conservative office environment.
"Dude, that show was awesome, fawesome even."

"Yeah, it was pretty fsweet, I was so fdrunk, it was almost fretarded."
by Keren. November 29, 2006
fucking awesome
omg this weekend is going to be fawesome
by PARKIE!!!!!!!! May 30, 2004
a combination between fucking and awesome. you can substitute any words for awesome. ex. fgay, fstupid, floser.... etc..
man that sex last night in the shower was fawesome!
by rafrin and gulla November 30, 2005
The best way to describe something at its highest level of awesome. "Fucking Awesome."
Friend: "Dude, did you see that concert last night?"
You: "Yeah man it was fawesome!"
by Andrewtfowler April 15, 2011

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