a "straight" person with very homosexual qualities and tendencies.
Hey look at Kurtis being a big faux mo!!
by Smokey Joe HC May 27, 2007
A straight male who has precariously fallen into an extremely personal relationship with a homosexual (much like a male fag-hag.) He is in no way gay, but an outsider may easily mistaken him for one due to his overly affectionate actions and reckless behavior. Very foolish, touchy, and silly, often playing along with any joke or misconception an outside might make. Does not see to care at all about what others think. Basically, a borderline gay with extremely misleading tendencies and a latent curiosity with will never be pursued.
Homo: Jonathan, have you seen Shannon lately?

Faux-Mo: OMG, she's fabulous! I love her new outfit, and the shoes, oh, they're to die for... (Awkward Silence) I have to go watch football.

Homo: (Whispers) Someday... you'll be mine.
by Disconnecktie16 November 15, 2007
A straight man who has the behaviors and characteristics similar to a gay man. This individual is extremely flamboyant to the point that everyone assumes he is homosexual, even if they have never actually seen the individual engage in homosexual acts. No one knows whether the kid's pretending or not.
Lucy's dating Tim? I thought he was gay!!! He is such a faux-mo!!
by Confused bystander October 21, 2010
NOUN: A heterosexual male that embraces a tidy appearance in both grooming and attire.
Former contestants of the reality T.V. show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" are faux-mo's.
by Nick Colorado February 28, 2010
someone who appears to be gay, but is not; a metrosexual.
DJ: Is Kevin gay?
Hannah: Naw, he's just a fauxmo. The tight pants are misleading.
by hSo March 02, 2008
Fauxmo (Fo mo)
Person who belives is gay/lesbian/bi but in nature is truely not. other terms of the word can be used as an insult without use of hate twoards gays and can be used in inside jokes.
My freind Alex is such a fauxmo

by Kushaba July 13, 2007
A heterosexual man who attempts to pass himself off as a homosexual to lull women into a false sense of security. He then takes full sexual advantage of them at the first opportunity, and blames it on drugs and/or alcohol.
"It turns out Will is a huge Faux-mo. He convinced Natalie that he was gay, then got her drunk and banged her!"
by Johnny_Reb May 19, 2009
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