Hairstyle combed into the middle with a sticky substance and made to vaguely resemble a mohawk.

Commonly thought to be the worst thing to happen to punk since Good Charlotte.
Tom: "Dude what's that on your head?"
Billy: "Its a fauxhawk, don't judge me!"
Tom: "Too late, kill yourself."
by Taesr November 10, 2009
A wanabe mohawk. Fauxhawks have the spiked hair at the centerline of the head, but the hair to the sides are not buzzed off. They are also usually considerably shorter than a mohawk.
Jimmy's mom said he would be grounded for life if he got a mohawk, so he settled for a fauxhawk instead.
by Le Bookworm November 08, 2009
A wanna-be mohawk. Some people, instead of shaving the hair from the sides of their heads and leaving the center hair, tease their hair up in the center and spray it.
That poser: she wears fake piercings and a faux hawk.
by dhart444 November 01, 2010
a (unfortunately) prevalent hair-style seen in indie circles. the perpetrator often wears knee-high wrestling shoes, with faded pseudo-trendy jeans (obviously faded - preferably torn in more than one spot.) The delinquent will also travel in groups with other degenerates with geomteric haircuts.

see Eurotrash
Jonas the editor of an obscure indie website was sporting his faux-hawk at the Blonde Redhead concert.
by Alitheluckydegenerate January 16, 2004
How douche bags wear their hair so that they can be different just like everyone else. Attempting to mimic the bad-ass'ness of a real Mohawk, douche bags will take their full existing head of hair, and with hair gel, push it all to the center-top of their head and then spike said center-top. Similar to how their mommies used to do to them in the tub when they were toddlers.
I wear a fauxhawk because I want to mask the fact that I don't know who I really am.
by Jaun-Pinball-Montoya September 21, 2009
Hairstyle commonly worn by the douchier and faggier of the male human species. It is believed by many that this hairstyle is achieved by using cum to style the hair.
"wow that homo with the fauxhawk and skinny jeans wouldnt let me sneak into the back of the AMC theatres"
by pj9000 July 23, 2009
A common hairstyle of the gays resembling a miniature mohawk.
Jack: Jake, diggin' the fauxhawk

Jake: Thanks, hotstuff.

Jack: How do you always know how to get me so hard?
by cupoficecream July 17, 2009

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