the totally scene hairstyle sported by celebrities and metros alike... created by Paris fasion genius Alfalfa of "The Little Rascles", this hairstyle is achieved by combing all one's hair to the center so one my give the appearance of a mohawkwithout the socially unacceptable shaving of the head...
"OMGZ!!!111 dId u C codyz FauXhAwK?!11eleven1 like lozzies... S0000 hAwtt!!11" is something a man with a fauxhawk might say
by Ümbra September 07, 2004
noun. A Mohawk inspired hair style where instead of shaving the hair on the sides of the head, the hair is gelled upwards to imitate a mohawk. A Faux Hawk is typically shorter than the normal Mohawk.

This style of hair is popular in the gino scene, and the douche-bag scene. But it has gained mainstream status, worn on people such as David Beckham.

People with small penises wear this hair style.
Girl 1:dayum, did you see that guy's faux hawk? He's soo sexii

Girl 2: He's alright. I don't like Faux hawks. Everyone knows that guys who wear faux hawks have small penises.
by christinan July 29, 2009
While previous-definitions do apply; they discribe mostly the manfauxhawk.

A ladyfauxhawk generally utilises a sort of "layered" haircut. By having a shorter layer of hair on the top of the head, one could then gather it ang gel it into a "mohawk"fan. Like the manfauxhawk, the sides are lamely left unshaven, and the "hawk" is pitifly small.

Internet famously sported by tossers such as Jeffree Star, and as such, it's not recomened you do it (all lameness aside) so as not to appear to be a bilge-sucking fangirl.

But you wouldn't do it in the first place, because it's lame.
Girl: Hey! I have a fauxhawk JUSTLIKE Jeffree Star!!*FANGASM!*

Me: Uh. okay. But if you wern't a lamer, you'd have shaved your sides like I do. Ew. can you clean up your fanjizm? I think Im ill.
by idiotlefou May 08, 2006
Faggy haircut worn by people of the homosexual or retarded genre.
Bill - "Hey dude, nice fauxhawk! Haha"

Derek (Fauxhawk) - "Dude, you want to spoon or something...?"
by Termin Ate Her April 09, 2009
Fauxhawk a bad haircut only for Beckham-a-likes.
David Beckham Wears a Fauxhawk, its not worth looking that bad.!
by JoshyBoy September 13, 2005
A term used to indentify individuals who pretend they are aboriginal in order to get tax-free cigarettes, gasoline and, better access to government grants for art and cultural projects.
Ojibwee my ass. He's a fauxhawk with a lame script.
by Billy April 24, 2005
simply: A fake mohawk. The hair is combed up to a point. A fauxhawk makes you look gay, BAD metro, and coneheaded. If you had any balls you'd shave the sides.
I have a fauxhawk cause my mom picks out my clothes. I have a fauxhawk cause the men like it. I have a fauxhawk cause Im too lame to shave the sides. My head comes to a point because I have a fauxhawk. I have a fauxhawk cause Im from brasher
by emazing and locky May 22, 2005
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