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The emohawk is more properly defined as an over-grown mohawk brushed forward at one side, to give it the proper 'eye-cover'.

Not to be confused with an emoflop; where most of the hair is cut down, except the floppy-bit in the front. Or the fauxhawk.
Zero: Hey! look at that kid with the emohawk!
Sero: No, fool! That's a manfauxhawk. Note how it ain't in his /eyes/?
Zero: Oh! I see now! THAT one there's got the "emohawk"!
by idiotlefou May 08, 2006
While previous-definitions do apply; they discribe mostly the manfauxhawk.

A ladyfauxhawk generally utilises a sort of "layered" haircut. By having a shorter layer of hair on the top of the head, one could then gather it ang gel it into a "mohawk"fan. Like the manfauxhawk, the sides are lamely left unshaven, and the "hawk" is pitifly small.

Internet famously sported by tossers such as Jeffree Star, and as such, it's not recomened you do it (all lameness aside) so as not to appear to be a bilge-sucking fangirl.

But you wouldn't do it in the first place, because it's lame.
Girl: Hey! I have a fauxhawk JUSTLIKE Jeffree Star!!*FANGASM!*

Me: Uh. okay. But if you wern't a lamer, you'd have shaved your sides like I do. Ew. can you clean up your fanjizm? I think Im ill.
by idiotlefou May 08, 2006

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