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A fake progressive.

A politician, pundit or other political player that pretends to be progressive while actually supporting unprogressive/corporatist policies.
Barack Obama is a fauxgressive. He pretends to be progressive in his campaigning, but he rarely fights for progressive causes and consistently supports corporatist, unprogressive policies.
#sell-out #wolf in sheep's clothing #progressive #liberal #corporatist #barack obama
by DeathByTrolley August 12, 2011
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Someone who hates President Barack Obama and pretends to be a progressive to make the hatred look like it's coming from within the Democratic Party.
Sally has voted Republican for 30 years, but she calls herself a "progressive" now to make it seem like the Democratic Party is splintering. She's a fauxgressive.
#progressive #democrat #obama #dailykos #firedoglake
by Deej_09 August 20, 2011
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