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A thumbprint is a method of consuming a massive amount of lsd, where a massive (relatively, compared to a blotter dose) amount of lsd crystals are made into a small pile, pressed on with a thumb, and then the thumb into the mouth.

A thumbprint is, despite the large dose is not at a high enough level to reach levels of toxitiy in the human body.
When's the last time you had enough lsd crystals to thumbprint, eh?
by cyan April 24, 2005
The two indentations on a girls back that look like the place where you put your thumbs when you F them from behind.
Every hot girl has thumbprints.
by Tejpal June 22, 2004
Eating so much fluff that you cease to exist. it makes you appreciate the stuff a lot more, supposedly.
A:how much blotter would be needed to equal a thumbprint?
B:aint enough in the world, man!
by anonymous December 06, 2004
10,000 doses of LSD; that is, 10 Bibles, or 100 sheets. Few people ever possess an entire thumb print of LSD, only acid Chemists and distributors.

There are stories about people pressing their thumb against LSD crystal, or taking large doses by saturating one's thumb, but these are probably myth.

About 10,000 doses of LSD can fit on the tip of one's thumb.
A thumb print sold by individual doses is worth a $100,000 USD, at $10/dose
by ganjkid February 04, 2010
a way of taking A LOT of acid. the 'cid is dissolved into a greasy substance at high concentration, and stored in a lip balm container. to dose, stick your thumb in, smear out enough to coat it, and lick it off. depending on the quality of the stuff and how much you scoop out, it seems to be the equivalent of anywhere from 5 to 20 blotter hits.
the first time you do acid, don't do a thumb print. you should work up to that dose in a few sessions with experienced friends.
by minghi May 10, 2003
Some crazy ritual the LSD cult uses to ensure loyalty of it's members. Basically it just means eating a shitload of pure LSD crystal powder so you supposedly can " see the light ", but really this is just so you stay devoted and don't rat. people who've been printed are willing to do life in the pen to protect their acid. pretty creepy shit.
go down to telegraph ave or 13th st sometime. you'll see what i'm talking about.
by rotten ralph July 27, 2004
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