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An alternate for faking it.
If you weren't into it, you weren't into it. Don't give me a fucking fauxgasm.
The fake orgasm that women often resort to in order to (a) make their significant other feel like more of a man, or (b) speed up the process of unpleasant intercourse.
Jeff was trying all this borderline-homo stuff last night so I launched the fauxgasm.

I wanted to catch the Daily Show before it went off so I had to resort to a fauxgasm.
by Anaiis March 09, 2009
When a woman tires of lame sex with her lover, a fauxgasm allows her to get things over in a timely fashion as to facilitate her escape.
I was layin the lumber on my girlfriend, when she fauxgasmed, rolled off me, then split.
by PicklingTheBeast August 14, 2009
When a person, usually a woman, fakes an orgasm during intercourse. Often times to just end the sexual process or make their significant other feel significant
Damn it frank, it was just a fauxgasm you're nothing special!
by ffforest January 25, 2012
When taking care of your own "business" you experience an orgasm so tame it almost isn't real. On an orgasm scale from 1-5 where 5 is a mind-blowing one, a fauxgasm is barely a 1.
Last night I took care of business as a way to relax before falling asleep and all I got out of it was a fauxgasm.
by SamJ39 April 21, 2011
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