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An alternate for faking it.
If you weren't into it, you weren't into it. Don't give me a fucking fauxgasm.
85 45
The fake orgasm that women often resort to in order to (a) make their significant other feel like more of a man, or (b) speed up the process of unpleasant intercourse.
Jeff was trying all this borderline-homo stuff last night so I launched the fauxgasm.

I wanted to catch the Daily Show before it went off so I had to resort to a fauxgasm.
by Anaiis March 09, 2009
10 1
When a person, usually a woman, fakes an orgasm during intercourse. Often times to just end the sexual process or make their significant other feel significant
Damn it frank, it was just a fauxgasm you're nothing special!
by ffforest January 25, 2012
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When taking care of your own "business" you experience an orgasm so tame it almost isn't real. On an orgasm scale from 1-5 where 5 is a mind-blowing one, a fauxgasm is barely a 1.
Last night I took care of business as a way to relax before falling asleep and all I got out of it was a fauxgasm.
by SamJ39 April 21, 2011
2 2
When a woman tires of lame sex with her lover, a fauxgasm allows her to get things over in a timely fashion as to facilitate her escape.
I was layin the lumber on my girlfriend, when she fauxgasmed, rolled off me, then split.
by PicklingTheBeast August 14, 2009
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