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Goal Mouth is a malady suffered by soccer fans and is characterized by sore jaw, stiff tongue and raspy throat.

When there is a close shot, or an acrobatic save or, especially, a goal scored, fans go crazy. They abruptly open their mouths which strains the mandible. The noise made, harshens the vocal chords and the back of the throat. The ululation of the sound constantly strains the tongue muscle, resulting in Goal Mouth.
“I sure will be glad when this World Cup is over. There have been so many good games, I’ve had Goal Mouth for more than three weeks.”
by PicklingTheBeast July 09, 2010
When a woman tires of lame sex with her lover, a fauxgasm allows her to get things over in a timely fashion as to facilitate her escape.
I was layin the lumber on my girlfriend, when she fauxgasmed, rolled off me, then split.
by PicklingTheBeast August 14, 2009
The film and video industry specializing in pornography. A combination of Skin + Cinematography. This genre of filmmaking runs the gamut from high-end, multi-million dollar projects to homemade porn by amateurs.
Viewer #1: "Dude, that video from Russia had some nasty scenes."

Viewer #2: "Yup, their level of skinematography isn't as high as ours. But it's still pretty good."
by PicklingTheBeast July 30, 2011
The practice of loving large, overweight people.
Did you see the size of Kristina's new boyfriend? She must be into obesetiality.
by PicklingTheBeast June 19, 2009
Similar to a Booty Call. When a buddy comes over in the middle of the night, usually intoxicated and usually on a work/school night to get you to go on some hairbrained adventure with him/her.
"Yo pj...you look tired today."

"Yup...Jack made a buddy call last night and we ended up tipping cows in old man Smith's field 'til dawn."

"But dude...it was a school night."

"Next time I'll know better."
by PicklingTheBeast December 08, 2009
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