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Pronounced fa-th-og
A synonymous word that is interchangeable with any noun verb or adjective
Also what you get if you type "eating" in T9 and click next twice
I had a fathog good day!
Oh! I know! Susie is such a fathog!
So I fathoged all the way to school today.
by spinsey October 20, 2010
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big fat-ass dickweed.
Which one of you fat hogs ate my damn pizza?!
by madd doctor April 21, 2009
A big dork or jerk. Such as one who is unaware of his surroundings, or uncaring of others' feelings
Bill, you fat hog, get out of my way!
by madd doctor August 05, 2007
When a very large "dip" or smokeless tobacco is packed in the mouth.
Zach packed a Fat Hog in lunch today.

Im surprised the principal has'nt caught Randy with that Fat Hog in, what a dumbass.
by Dexatrim Natural October 06, 2006

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