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A man/and or woman who is so fat they are constantly constipated.
Your mom is such a fatcrap she's been takin' the same dump for 25 years.
#fat ass #fat arse #fat bitch #fat shite #gobshite
by phoenixrayne13 November 24, 2006
Somebody who is annoying or has done something wrong
You are a fat crap!!
#fat crap #fatcrap #fat-crap #crap de fat #crap
by Craig___2006 June 29, 2006
A word that can be used to describe someone.

This is what you are if you are being a smart Alec, annoying, stupid/dumb, silly, crazy, fat, mean, etc.

It's just a friendly tease, all said for purpose of fun, and with no intentions to insult anyone.
You are such a fatcrap (or fat piece of crap)
#fatcrap #jerk #fat #crap #piece
by cmt469 October 21, 2011
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