Some hop hop artist out there that says nigga way too fuckin much just because he is half black half puerto rican.
Hi i am fat joe and i say nigga more than every full black rapper out there. i would rather be much better sayin chinga tu madre, puto!
by aguynamedandy July 31, 2005
A 200 pound rapper that got mad beef with 50 Cent.Fat Joe is from South Bronx,NY thats got a really big criminal record,with a Puerta Rican backround.If it wasn't for Big Pun,Fat Joe would suck at rapping,and would be killed by 50,and would have ended up with whack ass rapper J-Kwon.He acts black,but everyone still loves this niggarican.Joe hangs out with his killas Terror Squad,Remy Ma, and Jennifer Lopez,and sold over 1.1 million CDs from his latest and new debut "All Or Nothing"
"And ma niggaz don't dance,they jus pull up there pants and,do tha rockaway...lean back,lean back,lean back,lean back.-----Fat Joe Feat. Terror Squad
by Da Hood Balla July 23, 2005
Adjective: Used to represent something that is tight or outstanding. Phenomenal.
You should wear that coat because its Fat Joe.
by Taxlawj August 17, 2005
slang for a penis too big for a girl.
i would fuck her, but i have a fat joe.
by guess who April 18, 2005
A Cool latin version of heavy d without the dancing.
Fat joe is so cool, even his glasses is smooth.
by Afi K. James August 24, 2003
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