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My home state, where it's all at! Much better state than Michigan!
I moved to Michigan with my dad. God, it sucked hard. Michigan sucks. Cali's better! Thank God I moved back!

Kiss my arse, Michigay!
by Sparda April 29, 2005
A dickwad douchebag who completely ruins a nation, and has subhuman vocabulary.
"We must fahnd these nucular weahpons!"
by Sparda January 15, 2005
An aggressive and just damn hilarious cop.
"Who is your daddy, and what does he do?"
by Sparda January 16, 2005
A type of electronic music that orginally spawned in Detroit, Michigan. Detroit Techno in turn derived from Synth Pop and Electro. Kraftwerk was May, Atkins, and Saunderson's main influence. Techno is nothing but a subgenre in the electronic music community. Detroit Techno is still very much alive, albeit dead in the city of Detroit (hmmmmm, wonder why....). Techno is also a word that is erroneously used as a blanket term for all other subgenres of electronic music. No, Techno isn't the Trance and House music you hear in the clubs, morons! They're all different! That being said, it may be done with electronic equipment, but it takes true talent to make music that is coherent and actually artistic, much opposed to the radio triteness the public has been exposed to. Electronic music was descended from Avant-Garde Minimalism, which in turn, evolved from Classical Music.
Good artists worth hearing:
Aphex Twin
The Prodigy
The Chemical Brothers
Daft Punk
Derrick May
Inner City
**much more other artists as well**

Oh yeah, and to those people who dis techno, but love the trite, bastardised "hip hop", I truly feel sorry for you people. You have no idea or any coherent knowledge of techno, and you still wail on in how it's the worst thing ever. Guess what? Look yourself in the mirror, and stop being a damn sheep.
by Sparda January 15, 2005
Me being Hispanic/Italian/Greek, I feel proud of my heritage as an Italian! I would love to visit Italy one day....
"Long Live Italians!"
by Sparda January 15, 2005
Formal name of the Cardassian empire's home system star and, at least informally, its home world. It has at least five planets.
Cardassia, aka Cadassia Prime.
by Sparda October 07, 2004
Just think about the obvious reason why he made a crappy song called "Lean Back."
"Now lean back (deep inhale), lean back!"
by Sparda January 15, 2005
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