Top Definition
yo mama puerto rican and yo daddy black or the other way around
You think he mixed? Naw, he niggarican.
by MsAsh February 11, 2004
someone who is half black and half puerto rican.
he ain't blaxican. his mama is pro rican so he nigga rican.
by yamato. September 09, 2006
A puertorican nigga who is fine as hell!!!
Gurl 1: yo gurl look at that fine ass niggarican ova there.

Gurl 2: mhmmm gurl i no wat u sayin...u should go ova and talk to him

Gurl 1: na let him come to me

Gurl 2: he dont want ur ugly ass anyway

Gurl 1: gurl imma memba that next time lol
by MamiChula October 03, 2005
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