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When someone has become a hogger; when someone has had sex with a fat chick or a fat chick; when someone has gone hogging.
When we were at the bar the other night, Jon started hitting on a fatty. He took her home and had sex with her. He got fat bitched and now he is a hogger.
by PMax February 23, 2008
verb; to avoid or ditch
Hey, you fatbitched me last night. We were supposed to play poker.

Don't fatbitch me for that ho.
by omkrmyhobby June 25, 2009
an ugly or unattractive or fat or just a bitch

a guy makes plans with knowing he is going to blow her off! Hence the term fat bitched
Hey man didnt you have a date last night?
Yeaa i fat bitched that hoe
by Pimpin420 July 26, 2011
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