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a fat bitch is one of them nasty hoes wearing them half shirts up in the club and their gut be hanging out with no shame. They need to stop shaking that stretch mark ass before they get a heart attack.

even them old ass hoes trying to hang out at clubs they need to give that wrinkled pussy a face lift. they still be doing them ancient dances. the fuck you thinking fatbitch??? you need to go and bury yourself to solve your midlife crisis!
The fuck that fat bitch doing? exercising? she need to stop clapping with them burgers in her hands. dang, shes making a mess.
by shs03 December 11, 2004
A couple of words men learned from watching dogs have sex. Women get this when they have a nice body but fucked up face, so that we don't have to see their face...........
"That bitch got a nice body but fucked up face, I will only hit it from the back."
by shs03 December 11, 2004
Used as the term blowjob if you get head in PanamaCity, F.L. This word is commonly used during highschool spring break. You will hear alot of springbreakers saying this word on the beach outside of the tikibar.
Hey that blondie over there gave me a bajammer outside of the tiki bar !
by shs03 December 10, 2004

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