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The act of eating excessively until everyday activities such as getting a TV remote or driving a vehicle become strenuous.
We need a designated driver because we are all going to fat out at the buffet tonight!
#fatting out #fatted out #black out #getting fat #gluttony #buffet
by Fatguy318 January 12, 2010
1. To stay at home while all your friends are hanging out and having a good time because your a fat, lazy, batard.

2. To dis your friends because your fat and lazy.

3. To be lethatgic, lazy and unsocialable because of being fat.
"Yo Gary's said he's staying in tonight bro."

"He's gonna fat out?"

"Yeah! Lazy, fat-fuck's fattin-out."
#fat #lazy #lethargic #dis #fattin-out.
by Cuddy13 May 24, 2009
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