A puerto rican rapper who is very obese and looks lyk a very overweight baby. As a rapper he aint talented i lyk one of his songs from lyk 4 years ago but thats it. Heads the terror squad and probably thr only guy you wil recognise from them. Despite not being black he can get away with saying "nigga" without gettin shot. despite his obvious shiteness the man's done well for himself i saw his house on Cribs. I propose he sells his stuff and gives the money to the bronx so it may help better itself.
has beef wif 50 cent. Don't get me wrong i think they're both faggots- but Joe is consistent with his rhymes- all about the Bronxand his ghetto life etc. 50, however, jus changes his rhymes themes- one album its the thug in da club, next its the dude hu wants 2 take you to the candy shop. So i would like 2 see fat joe stomp out 50 but 50s mainstream rhymes and popularity with dumb asses means this will probably never happen.
Fat Joe is an overweight baby and unnecessarily rich. he could squash 50 in more ways than one.
by jimre September 04, 2005
Top Definition
Fat Joe is the only non-black person in the universe who isn't called a racist by saying "muh niggas". Fat Joe is the love child of Porky Pig and Jennifer Lopez. He is perhaps the ugliest human alive, yet we love him because he is obese... as long as he's at a safe distance from us and our dinner plates.
"I can't look at Fat Joe because it makes me want to yank my eyes out and rub icy hot on my crotch"
"Fat Joe is SOOOO cute! I'd totally fuck him, hes a teddy bear!"
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 20, 2004
fat ass "rapper" who's day begins and ends at mickydees
lean *pant* back lean *pant* back, *fat ass falls after he leans*
by emmanem April 01, 2005
An ugly, fat rapper who has thousands of little animals killed to make all the faggy fur coats he oh so enjoys and constantly raps about in his commerically-driven pop songs.
I wish Fat Joe would hurry up and die of a heart attack. I hate that fat ass, pink-wearing faggot.
by Def Juxxin October 23, 2004
Giant man who licks the bottoms of sneakers, and has many fat men lurking around his house.
Rather than taking the advice of his nutritionist, Fat Joe prefers to lick the bottoms of sneakers because they taste like migrant childrens' sweat.
by JenThe80'sFan August 30, 2004
A Fat Garbage-Ass rapper who tries to be like Biggie Smalls. He also likes to wear pink and lick the bottoms of sneakers (see MTV CRIBS). Nasty ass biotch!!!!!!
Fat Joe needs to join Weight Watchers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by none of yo beeswax July 24, 2004
An ugly, but proud Puerto Rican lard ass who looks more like a zumo-wrestler than anything, he acts black which is the funniest part of it.
His raps are pretty lame as well
by hi April 15, 2005
Two words Jenny Craig! He is one of the ugliest men I have ever seen in my whole life! He thinks he is black but he looks like a chink. He needs to stop eating so much crap and loose some weight before he gets a heartattack!
What am I talking about I want him to have a heartattack!
by Enna B. January 08, 2005
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