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1) An old phrase dating back to the sixties or seventies that is one-hundred percent real. 'Fat Dogging' has recently gained popularity in the community college scene, where it would totally be acceptable to throw a themed party based around the expression. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

2) The new dance craze sweeping the nation.
1 - "I'm going to be fat dogging for midterms all afternoon!"

"Hey, I've heard that expression before!"

"You're right Kevin! I can say it all day without it reminding me of bears in any way!

2 - "There's a brand new dance

Based on an old phrase.

It's called the fat dog and it will amaze.

You've heard this expression

Your entire life.

It's not made up, It's not made up!"
by Dr. Ian Duncan February 02, 2014
1. To behave in the manner in which a fat dog would be expected to behave.
2. To relax.
3. A "not made up" dance performed by Chang in the TV series Community.
1. Me and my friends are fat dogging by the river smoking pot.
2. I can't wait to get home and fat dog it.
3. Do the fat dog, it's not made up.
by monetary_madness October 26, 2014
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