1. When someone continuously eats and cannot stop.

2. A large group of fat people trying to eat you alive.
"Dude, why can't you stop eating?"
"Oh, SNAP! I'm having a fat attack!"
by Shaina August 10, 2004
Top Definition
A fat attack is when a large man such as nick jiggles so hard and sloshes like a beast that he falls to the ground in an apparent seizure of fat.
Nick jiggled so hard that he had a fat attack.
by Johnnyboy5455454 November 26, 2006
When a man or woman gets physically ill and exhibits sweats, nausea and/or vomiting as a result of being fat or chubby.
Does Mike have food poisoning? No, he's just having a fat attack.
by TheHorse77 October 27, 2010
An old guerrilla style tactic used by the more obese type warriors. This tactic was very effective in as a surprise while the English marched through the jungle in South Africa. This style was generally a maneuver were the warrior would lunge on to the upper body of the victim to bring him down. Once on the ground the warrior would then roll all over the victim and burie him in his lard. He will control his weight to maintain control and the victims shoulders on the ground.
As the man hid in the bushes he plotted his fat attack. when he spotted his victim he propelled from the bushes and demobilized him with the fat attack.
by Dustin_P May 17, 2010
when you pass out from being fucking fat!
Jesse: Damm cristian is hella obese!
Joshua: That niggas gonna have a fat'attack one of these days
by tubs oner November 08, 2010
The moment when you eat too much food and struck with heavy symptoms such as;
Sleepiness, stomach pain, and fatigue
My God, I ate so much I think I'm having a Fat attack.
by MikeTheGod November 24, 2015
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