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A term to mimick people that live on chatservers and say ROFL after every sentence.
Chat Server Nerd 1: Guess what lol
Chat Server Nerd 2: LOLZ ROFL
by Shaina August 09, 2004
give me a call
Drop me a line on my cellie imma be out fo da rest of da day
by shaina May 31, 2003
A log (online or off) of the times and places you feel horny.
I saw this hot Jewish chick playing with a candy bar today, and I had to run home and put a note in my hournal.
by Shaina February 21, 2005
A term to mimick people that live in chat servers and say LOLZ after everyword. See rofflecopter.
Chat Server Nerd 1: LOLZ he asked me out rofl
Chat Server Nerd 2: OMG LOLZZZ
by Shaina August 09, 2004
1. When someone continuously eats and cannot stop.

2. A large group of fat people trying to eat you alive.
"Dude, why can't you stop eating?"
"Oh, SNAP! I'm having a fat attack!"
by Shaina August 10, 2004
slang for marijuana, specifically used by a lot of people in Maine
"Hey can you hook me up with a twenty bag of tab?"
by Shaina March 01, 2005
being in the state of mind that is psychopathetic.
Wow. that thing you just did was really psychopathetic.
by shaina February 22, 2004
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