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The act of masterbating very quickly as to get it over with to avoid detection
i had to fasterbate because my mom was in the next room
by saylor February 12, 2007
The act of taking a laptop to the bathroom with you in order to relieve yourself after relieving yourself.
"David, why are you taking the laptop to the bathroom?"
"I'm just going to fasterbate, mom!"
by veovis88 June 26, 2009
Masturbate Extremely Fast and Vigorously
How dint he get caught by his mom, even though he was jerkin off? That's the trick, just Fasterbate
by KayG May 17, 2015
To flap ones nostrils wildly or in a circular motion.
Hey Kenda! Where were you yesterday?

Sorry i fasterbated so hard yesterday I passed out.
by Sir doody foody August 07, 2011
fas-ter-bate (n)
to refrain from masterbation (in any form) over an indefinate period of time, usually for the purpose of building anticipation of ones next masterbatorial or sexual experience, and to increase ones personal pleasure thereof
I was tired of not feeling anything when my girlfriend blew me, so I fasterbated for a month. When I came she almost drownded. Shit was so cash.
by Zing Zing Zingbah August 15, 2011
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