highway patrol from vermont,f-in hilarious
"i dont want a large farva, i want a god damn litre of cola"
"license and registration, chicken f*cker"
by i am farva..hahaha October 29, 2003
A large male, 20-30. Under the impression that facial hair is cool, Styx is still together, and has a miserable temper. Truly a sad character, trying to fit in with a group.
Bradley Wirsing, "Big" Pete, Santa Claus, Jon Poppler (1995 without the facial hair), All of the fat "Lil' Homies", Jared from Subway (pre-Millenium), Bradley Wirsing, and Bradley's Dad.
(Verb) To radically misspell a word to such an extent that the results are humorous.
He really Farvaed that word when he turned 'sarcastic' into 'sarctic'.
by I. Conure August 05, 2006
A faggot's version of a java. They add a marshmellow and butter into their coffee.
Look at that guy drink a farva... he's obviously gay.
by NJP22 July 18, 2009
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