A person who passes the blame when he passes the gas. One who farts and gets someone else blamed.
The dad yelled at his son, "did you shit" after the fartriloquist in Walmart completed his performance.
by dj1 May 24, 2011
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Anyone who farts and manages to have all of his companions blame it on someone next to him. Bonus points if the person who gets the blame is some innocent stranger.
Wow! That guy standing by us in 7-Eleven really blew a nasty fart. It smelled so bad my teeth hurt." "Actually, that was me. I'm a fartriloquist.
by PsychoPuppyDad March 19, 2011
One who projects flatulence in such a manner so as to create the appearance that said flatulence (and ensuing aroma) was the product of an unknowing, and normally unsuspecting, third party.
Steve: You stink!

Chuck: Wasn't me.

Chad: Wasn't me either...

Rick: There must be a fartriloquist sneaking around.
by Everyone But Steve... May 10, 2008

noun /farˈtriləkwist/ 
fartriloquists, plural

1. one who is skilled or successful at uttering farts and blaming them on someone else.
My son thinks he is an accomplished fartriloquist.
by pinche gringo November 19, 2012
Someone with the ability to 'throw' their farts in a martial arts like fashion. These are NOT people who need to blame the dog. They can throw a fart into the next room. They are silent as Ninjas.
That dude's a Fartriloquist. We were partying. He let one go and I got the blame. My GF told me how rude I was to fart in public. We broke up over that f-ing Fartriloquist
by scottstathedot May 14, 2012
1. One who has the ability to 'throw' their farts. Thus misdirecting the source of the smell and absolving themselves of any blame;
2. A master in the art of Fartriloquism.
John: Who the eff farted?! Was that you Steve?

Steve: No, it was that guy Danny over there in the corner. He's an expert Fartriloquist.
by Pete Pete Pete February 17, 2011
The ability to not only blame the dog, but to make it appear that the sound and aroma came from the dog as well!
Jimmy: Dude, that dog ripped one, and it's a nasty one!

Johnny: Ha! That was me, bro! I am a fartriloquist!
by bgndfan May 04, 2011

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