Top Definition
A derogatory term for a small child.
At the welfare office, I saw a single mother followed by her 5 dirty fartlings.
by Mr.Savage June 22, 2005
- Noun

1. A feckless, contemptible, inconsequential little fart of a creature.

2. A worthless human being.
Fartling: "Hey hey, sign up to Pirates vs Ninjas already so we can play it together!!!!!!!"
Bloke: "Fuck off, go play your shit games with other people of your mental age, I have better things to do with my time, like work at my job."
Fartling: <Puffing chest, splaying arms> "Oi you fucking what mate, wanna fight? 1v1 me, I will wreck you hard"
Bloke: <Picks fartling up and throws him several metres> "I said, I have better things to do with my time!"
by Charlemagne1993 March 05, 2016
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