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A disreputable person with an odious personality.
Listen, you little fart-knocker, you open your mouth again and I'll feed you your arse.
by Bumkicker Slade May 10, 2005
A male homosexual. Often used by straight males against other straight as a means of humilating him.
"Shut up, you fartknocker!"
by Fatty June 20, 2003
The act of having anal sex and farting while she is getting fucked in the ass
I fucked Trish last night and she was a fartknocker
by epic824 January 16, 2014
a problematical, difficult, bothersome, object, animal, person or situation
My (cat, computer, lover) is a major fart-knocker. This is a fucking fart-knocker of a day: the dog had kittens and refuses to take care of them.
by amDawn October 12, 2008
someone who fucks someone while they relieve themselves of anal gas
that guy is such a fucking fart-knocker.
by billy and the g string quartet April 11, 2003
One who engages in anal sex, the penetrator, not the penetratee
He's a right fartknocker
by Greblord February 01, 2005
Someone who switches their loyalties with the wind, like with a sportfan who just roots for the winning team win they have had a winning streak rather than staying with their own team.
"Chris says he is a Redskins fan but he is rooting for the Cowboys.. What a fartknocker!"
by just1man April 16, 2012