A "gondola" type of ski lift at stratton mountain, VT where all occupants must stand with their equpment inside as they are ferried up the mountain-the lift is more prone to this slang term early in the morning after a night of drinking, while the occupants are drinking champage wine and smoking weed on the trip up.
holy shit jimmy, just cause they call it a fartbox doesnt mean you gotta make it a fartbox..yo pass that bowl over here i did'nt hit it yet..bandit did you get the cork outta that chapagne yet?
by R. doddley May 02, 2003
Top Definition
Another name for ass
Did you see the FART BOX on her..?
by Jesse D Farmer May 02, 2005
A male/female anus.
I'm going to tongue punch your fart box!!
by Ez-wow July 15, 2011
anonther word for anal cavity.
i am gonna piss in your fart box if you dont straighten up bitch!
by james jackson January 27, 2006
The rectum, anal entrance.
Roxi's fartbox is well used and very loose.
by Dennis Halsey February 07, 2003
The butthole
She licked my fart box!
by Krisitn June 16, 2003
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