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To fart in the general vicinity of another person and take off before the smell takes effect.
Guy 1: What's wrong? Are you okay?
Guy 2: No. I just got hit with a fart and run.
by Scooter November 25, 2007
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when ur sitting with a bunch of people and you accidently let one rip. you get up and pretend to go do something else, but you are actually just running away from your fart so no one else knew you farted.
Hean: I'm gonna go get another drink.

Jay: eww, whats the smell? dude, did hean just fart-and-run?

Matt: Bah

by knobhead June 17, 2006
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When someone fart, tells no one in the room and find a reason to leave the room letting the others discover is fart by smelling it.
Bob1: So a was eating a twinki when... wait a minute who farted!?

Bob2: Don't know man but it smells horrible, good that Bob3 is safe on that one.He is grabbing a beer in the kitchen

Bob1: For god sake Bob3 no Fart and run
by Hodio August 08, 2010
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