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(n) Someone who produces farts at an amazing rate and can be compared with a modern day mass production facility, except for farts.
Orin is such a damn fart factory, that's 5 in a row!
by Rhern February 28, 2005
Someone who produces an immense amount of methane bursts in sucession.
"Fuzzy" is a fart factory! He needs to buy air freshener.
by Mr. Omega January 15, 2006
Someone who walks into a room and blasts a silent but deadly fart without saying anything as to get sick pleasure from others smelling your stinking ass.
person1: "Man, it smells like ASS in here"
person2: "Yeah, that is some stinky shit! Zach must have been in here, he's a fart factory."
by John Desoiroi June 13, 2007
A person who has chronic gas can be called a fartfactory
You fart a lot in your sleep, your such a fartfactory!
by ATLSteve May 08, 2011
Despite other false definitions, a FART-FACTORY is an anus. Fart-Factory usually refers a female asshole.
"Fuck me in the Fart Factory!"

"Oh damn, she had a Fart-Factory tighter than a snare drum! It was off the shart chart!
by TudFantasy February 02, 2010
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