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When you're trimming your bowl cut, and you accidentally snip a little too much off the ends, and it turns out really uneven in front.
The Illusion: "Oh dude, I totally farmed it right there."
by Quasi-Realistic Dude August 12, 2013
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Verb: To get beaten on the river in Texas Hold'em despite having strong odds of winning, and making good bets. Especially to have this happen regularly to the same opponent who consistently defies the odds of poker.
Tom had Kh Kc, Joe had 4h8d. Flop was Kd, 5c, 6h. Turn 2d. and the river was a 7s. "Tom just got Farmed by Joe" or "Joe sure farmed Tom." "damn Tom you just got farmed"
by B. Jesus May 16, 2008
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When someone thinks they are a fucking myth and then they get shafted and put in their place.
Kid just got fucking farmed!
by Brizi3v3 April 12, 2017
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