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The act of farting during sexual intercourse...to float an air biscuit while fucking.
Last night she was totally farking me...guess we shouldn't have had mexican.
by Michelle & Kelly February 20, 2008
replacement word for "fuck"
Damn! I stubbed my farking toe!
by MayokeOni October 27, 2003
1) To rework a photo with an editing program such as Photoshop and then to post it on the web, mainly to Fark.com

2) Sexual relations

3) Wasting time on Fark
"Contest is open only to entries of actual, unaltered screenshots with no additional editing (including, but not limited to, Photoshopping, "FARKing" and/or other form of digital enhancement...) --Everquest II rules

"I was farking my lover before realizing I should have been at work."

"I spent all day farking on the internet."
by Lace Valentine January 28, 2005
The verb of to fark. The act of browsing fark.com.
wow I was farking last night and found this hillarious site.
by herselfelf March 17, 2004
Fanatical barking. Shouting, or other forceful, argumentative declarations of an ideology.
I had to turn off the tv because I couldn't listen to one more farking pundit.
by tale slate December 01, 2013
In the act of fucking, or having sexual intercourse in the dark.
I couldn't see her face when we were farking, but I rather not.
by AngryMushroom January 26, 2011
A combination of the slang words 'fuck' and 'fart', describing the practice of combining two activities that each add their own type of satisfaction.
She loved to see just how long we could keep farking back and forth.
by Ratcheer November 27, 2006
According to a High Times top 100 list I read, Farking is "Farting while fucking on acid".
I was farking last night and Jane began to laugh hysterically...
by the_masked_drummer November 30, 2005