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A cute and fun girl. One who is usually very caring, modest, lovable and friendly. This type of girl usually brings peace and joy to others.
Look at Farheen, she is such a blessing.
by Katy...757 June 08, 2011
An amazingly gorgeous individual that is hard to find. Often, Farheen's are big-hearted and come in an all in one package.
If she's not a Farheen, I won't date her.
by sm2194 January 12, 2012
When a person skips during a test day and comes in the next day knowing all the answers to the test from friends.
(It is a form of cheating)
vincent-"Hey is there a math test today?"

michael-"Yeah a test on unit four."

vincent-"What! I did not study at all, you know what, I'm going to pull a farheen."
by blast600 November 25, 2008
1.) being invisible
2.) a ghost

urban legend:

a woman who can turn to the side and disappear
1.) i'm not sure who broke into our house, it's like he was farheen

2.) "hey, did you hear about that new show, casper the friendly farheen?"

urban legend story
one day, a young girl, average weight, slept in her room at night. it has been said farheen turned to the side, and snuck into her room through the window cracks and killed the woman due to weight jealousy.

beware the farheen.
by BiG DaDDy March 29, 2005
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