to apply makeup while driving
Jen: It was tragic how Shelley lost her eye while she was farding.
by Timmy May 31, 2004
Top Definition
adj. Fucking hard; very difficult. Also, very solid.
That quiz was fard.

Say, that needle was fard to find.

It's fard to fuck that fugly bitch.

I'm fard.
by Al-Mac January 19, 2008
Fard is the feeling you get when you fart so hard you're ball skin vibrates uncomfortably. Considered a combination of "fart" and "nards"
Will was so engaged in his macrame that he did not adjust his buttocks prior to launching a massive fart. He was unnerved as the gaseous mass pushed past his nard bag creating a distinct "fard" sensation.
by Fardtron October 22, 2013
When a guy cums out of his anus instead of his dick.
"Ohmygoodness Willis did you just fard?"
by theninjaeatspoop August 25, 2011
While "retard" is not a socially acceptable term, when used, it is normally not meant to demean actual mentally handicapped people, it is usually meant to refer to "functioning" mentally handicapped people. So, "functioning retards" are also known as "fards".
The idiot my boss hired to handle the department budget is a complete fard.
by GOPfan May 13, 2011
a fart that comes from a lesbians anus; usually extremely smelly and foul, and clears the room within seconds.

any questions, use these: lesbian fart karen dyke smell
"Dude, it smelt like shit covered in shit in there."
"I know. Karen must have farded again."

further links: lesbian fart karen dyke smell
by alphabetMANN March 01, 2009
1. A beige-colored paste used in Middle-Eastern cooking.

2. One word used to annoy another.
1. \'Too much fard was used in the food, making it taste bad.\'

2. \'Fard.\'
by Eraserhead April 26, 2005
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