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n. A situation in which one was subjected to the asshat antics of a "bro" or bros.
Talking with Mikey was a real brollercoaster.

The Dave Matthews Band concert was a long and shitty brollercoaster ride.
by Al-Mac January 19, 2008
Used in reference to a positive, often exceptional sexual experiencing involving two or more persons.
"I bet you and those twins had one huge bonefest last night!"

"Man, I'd like to take her to an all-night bonefest."
by Al-Mac May 23, 2008
adj. Fucking hard; very difficult. Also, very solid.
That quiz was fard.

Say, that needle was fard to find.

It's fard to fuck that fugly bitch.

I'm fard.
by Al-Mac January 19, 2008
A carnal experience of outstanding sexual performance. Usually involves three or more people.
"Dude, this birthday party is turning into a serious bonefestival!"
by Al-Mac May 23, 2008
To be upset or distraught. Generally considered a highly uncool word to use in any situation.
Chris: Is something wrong, guys? You seem a little more flamdoozled than usual.

Kenan & Kel: Flamdoozled...?
by Al-Mac August 02, 2008
1. "Scene" girls from the suburbs who often declare themselves to be unique, frontrunners of individuality, when they are in fact the definition of conformity. Known to complain about life and how much theirs truly sucks. Basically the new age of emo, except with bright colors.

2. A chewy, delicious treat often paired with milk chocolate.
"This is the worst party I've ever been to. Every girl is an emotart."

ABd0m1nentAMie: LOL srsly?!
ABd0m1nentAMie: o_0
armccain_89: uh yeah
ABd0minentAMie: gawd
ABd0minentAMie: n i thawt my lyfe sux
ABd0minentAMie: george. bush. def. sux.
armccain_89: you. are. an. emotart.

Jarred: So what bands do you like?
Kaylin: I love love loovvve so many bands. Boy Becomes Horsehoof, The Death by Airplane Incident, uummm--
Jarred: Whhooa, whoa there. Emotart.

"Emotarts are delicious"
by Al-Mac January 14, 2009
Used in reference to a sexual experience involving two or more males.
Frank: "Where's Jared?"
Alex: "With Claudio. Probably having a bonerfest."
Frank: "Oh."
Alex: "Wanna have a bonerfest?"
Frank: "I'll have a bonerfest."
by Al-Mac May 23, 2008

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