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The sudden, uncontrollable, and spontaneous urge to fap (masturbate) - usually furiously because time is of the essence (a quickie).
I was in the elevator and had a fap attack.
by !BlackDeath! November 12, 2007
A sudden urge to fap, usually after seeing something insanely hot. Most fap attack sufferers cool their urges with loli. The normal fap-attack-fap yields 1-2 gallons of semen at a time, sometimes up to 3.
/b/tard 1: OMFG I just had a epic fap attack, more lolis plz
/b/tard 2: ur gonna get v& lolz
anon :<pedobear_peek.jpg>
by Nymphrix July 18, 2007
The act of be able to think of nothing but fapping, and having the need to fap immediately. Often caused by not fapping over a long period time, or viewing viewing a fap-tastic sight.
Beau had a massive Fap-Attack when he saw that chick because he hadnt fapped in hours.
by LocsOnly January 10, 2010
Fap-Attacking is when you furiously masturbate to any of the Attack Attack songs. Doing so can cause one or all of many reactions. If you listen to any fast paced songs, and if you jerk your wanker vigorously enough, you can obtain the ability to for a few seconds, become a Super Saiyan 17. The after effects may cause cancer of the everywhere, and bleeding from the ass and earlobes. If you fap to a slower paced song, there is a one in a 117.4563 chance that you will be teleported to an alternate dimension and meet a gay jesus. The only way to get back is to travel 5 miles to castle Brennenburg and beat the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, without a lantern. After you, and if you survive, you will leave castle Brennenburg, and wander into a swap where there will be 2 mile tall jellyfish with thorny neck dicks, that can and will brutaly rape your anus until your teeth turn into glass shards of fork, that will jump down your throat and stab your colon until you cry. After the swap, you will come up to the portal. Unfortuantly, that portal is actually a trap that teleports you to the inside of a giants sweaty arm bracelets. Once you jump out of his crunchy grundle cage, you will need to parachute down to the ground ( WARNING, LANDING IN ANYWHERE BESIDES THE INVISIBLE SWITCH THAT BRINGS YOU BACK TO REALITY WILL CAUSE IMMEDIATE DEATH. )
Fap-Attack: " Luke i'm totally going to Fap-Attack when i get home!"
Fap-Attacking: " Sorry Walter i'll talk to you later im Fap-Attacking right now."
Fap-Attacked: "Yea Mike i totally Fap-Attacked yesterday."
by GrundleMan1013 March 09, 2012
The act of fapping vigorously multiple times in a short period of time.
Dude 1: Dude my dick hurts.
Dude 2: Bro why?
Dude 1: Fap Attack
by CorkscrewBob December 11, 2012
A sudden desire to masturbate.
"Dude after seeing your sister last night, I had a fap attack."

"Thinking of your mom gives me a fap attack."
by Deathkiryuu January 30, 2012
The sudden urge to masturbate...
While the Pastor gave his sermon Krys experienced a sudden fap attack.
by ShankMasterKrys August 20, 2013
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