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The act of be able to think of nothing but fapping, and having the need to fap immediately. Often caused by not fapping over a long period time, or viewing viewing a fap-tastic sight.
Beau had a massive Fap-Attack when he saw that chick because he hadnt fapped in hours.
by LocsOnly January 10, 2010
Something very appealing to lurks, these often result in massive fapattacks after a cluster blubbing sesh. A lurktastic may be anything from a female that they would like to lurk on, or a male that they would like to be friends with, but end up lurking anyway.
Beau found Matt and Andy lurktastic but as a result they became scared when he asked them to go cluster blubbing with him and Michael, and when they refused, Beau had a massive fapattack.
by LocsOnly January 10, 2010
The act of staring at women's breasts or ass for long periods of times, sometimes from at a distance. These people are often known as lurks.
When Collin got home, he nearly had a fappattack because he had been ougling at school all day.
by LocsOnly January 10, 2010
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