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A complete and utter twat, dickhead, plonker for whom the words 'fanny' and 'wanker' just dont elicit the right level of bastardness of said person by themselves but when put together it totally describes the person and their pointless existence.
A referee from Glasgow at an Old Firm Derby Game when "That ref used to go to St Mungos School, haw ref ya fannywanker the ball was out!"
by Hays August 12, 2007
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well a fanny wanker is a girl hu pulls the lips of her fanny (the labia) up and down this is a fanny wank
god ur ur such a fanny wanker go n av a fanny wank u fanker (fanny + wanker = fanker)
by jodiexxxxxxxxxx August 27, 2005
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God Jodie, you really are a fucking fanny wanker you know
by Joey February 15, 2005
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