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a soft absorbent pad (with or without wings) used to soak up period blood therefore stopping clots dropping out of the knickers when windsurfing or performing a gymnastic display for the whole of your school,also prevents a girl from sticking to the floor when doing the splits for her father
when sarah was abseiling down the woolworth building a sudden stretch caused her 'fanny pad' to slip out and fall hundreds of feet to land on the face of the traffic warden
by scotsbuff November 23, 2003
An insult used in Glasgow, Scotland in reference to Sanitary Towels.
Haw you, Fannypad geeus yer cap.
by Sund March 29, 2004
fannypad is a sanitary towel you stick on ur panties wen ur on your dabby doos
mam a need fannypads cause am startin ma dabby doos
by fannypad May 29, 2004

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