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a person or thing that is really fucking annoying.
Damn, Janina is so fannoying !!!

That noise is so fannoying.
by miminandez March 10, 2006
A person- commonly found at a local bar, gym, or a sporting event- who feels no one alive is smarter or more knowledgeable about a sport, and always rambles on about it in a loud, condescending, and arrogant demeanor.
"That asshole at the bar thinks no QB is better than Johnny Manziel. He won't shut up about it or stop arguing with people about it....he's super Fan-noying!"
by Screw Liberals June 12, 2016
To be fat and annoying at the same time.
My ex wife can be fannoying when we're communicating about our daughter on Skype.
by roccor June 09, 2011
an annoying fan
Jason: I love jay-z man, he's a genius listen to this
Sheilla: I don't want to
Jason: Why? This song is so sick!
Sheilla: You've been talking about him ALL day. You're so fannoying!
by srdoremi December 18, 2008
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