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To have low self-esteem regarding one's fat to the point it is humiliating to be viewed in public.
Jane opted to post a profile picture of her younger college days because she was fabarrissed to show a current picture of the way she looks now.
by roccor June 13, 2011
To be fat and sloppy at the same time. One who disregards presentation of self.
My girlfriend gained 100 pounds in six months and sex has now become fasloppy.
by roccor June 13, 2011
To be with or witness someone who is fat and embarrassing at the same time.
The obese lady in the front of the line made such a scene about her card being declined that it was down right fabarrassing to watch.
by roccor December 15, 2011
To be fat and annoying at the same time.
My ex wife can be fannoying when we're communicating about our daughter on Skype.
by roccor June 09, 2011

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