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A panic attack, a state of confusion. A tizzy, in a right state
Used only in the west of Scotland.
Be cool. Dinnae get yeself in a fankle.
by Observer53 November 22, 2006
A Scottish term to describe something akin to a Gordian knot or to have very little hand/eye coordination.
Those patch cables are an absolute fankle

Did you see him playing football? He tried to dribble past the defender and ended up in a fankle
by VeeTwin November 07, 2007
Fat Ankles. No perceivable difference in size between the calf and and the ankle. The leg apears to end with the foot.
"I can't go out with her! She has fankles..its gross!"
by Shaun. August 20, 2003
AKA Cankles

calves and ankles that have no space between them, but meld into each other
Her cankles are obvious from under her capri pants
by danilove October 14, 2004
Someone who has fat ankles, no definition between the calf and the foot.
Rosie O'Donnell enjoys probing with her fankles.
by dick fitswell August 22, 2003
The ugly stepsister to the cankle. When someone's ankle is so fat that it rolls over their shoes. Kinda like a fat ladies fat rolls over the top of her pants.
Damn, that dudes cankles have gotten so fat they have evolved into the elusive FANKLE!
by bleep_bloop November 05, 2013
Cankles for a skinny person. Sounds more appealing than cankles!
Dude, she's so fucking skinny but she has fankles!
by CassZo November 08, 2010
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