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A person that fakes a wank.
Me: Have you wanked today?
You: No not yet, sorry.
Me: DO IT.
You: Uh uh uh uh uh ....Splurt.
Me: You are suck a wank faker.
You: Yea, I am a fanker.
by Evilness666 December 09, 2005
You are such a fanker!
by Saiyan_toilet July 07, 2003
Fanker basically means "female wanker".
Ewww look at her, what a fanker!

I heard that she is actually a fanker.
by SiErRaH March 02, 2008
a group or individual fake punkers
Simple Plan is a bunch of fankers
by Ashlee LT August 01, 2005
See funt
You have no idea how much of a fanker you really are.
by Big Bubbles of [Spuff] March 05, 2004

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