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abbreviation for fat and ugly.
Did you see that nasty cow? She was so fangly, and jangly in all the wrong places.
by One dude. May 25, 2009
An exaggerated stated of busted appearance. Extremely ugly, often with long, greasy hair or crooked teeth.
"Taylor is busted. No, he's more than busted, he's fangly."
by The Diva March 17, 2005
1. Slang adjective for animals/people/generic objects, sometimes made up and totally off-topic, with large teeth.

2. Slang noun for anything that is fangly.
Dude, that vampire cosplayer was totally fangly.

Man, that fangly saxophone is totally gon' eat you!

by Nejin Oniwa May 01, 2007
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