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another word for fan fiction.

aka a fictional story written by a fan about their favorite celebrity, band or athlete.

Most fan ficts often depict romance stories involving the author, band/celebrity and best friend in crazy fictional plots that usually ends up with the author in love with favorite celebrity and best friend in love with her favorite celebrity.
It's quite popular for the celebrity to save the fan in the story or vice versa, but even more popular for celebrities to meet and fall into love when meeting fan either on set of a movie or backstage at a concert.

When it comes to musicians, it's extremely popular for girls to write about their desires, such as being pulled on stage by their favorite band member, being escorted backstage and said band member to profess their love at first sight upon introduction.

Writing fanficts can actually add to the obsession many fangirls have, and once meeting the celebrities written about and seeing their fantasies do not play out as thought, many fans loose interest in said target for some time.
fanficts:"..Bethany flung herself out of the boat to save Joe from the ravishing sharks, but Kevin stopped her just as her foot hit the water. Her best friend Jolie feel into the ice cold water herself, grabbing Joe just before a great white shark grabbed them both. "you saved my life" he said. Jolie smiled, Bethany hugged Kevin. "I love you" professed Joe.
by 1% juice August 14, 2008
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