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(noun) A gross combination of feet and hands on short people. People with fands have a tendency to also have a lazy eye. Can also be used as an acronym to stand for Fucking Annoying Nasty Demented Shit.
I would give you a high five, but your sick fands might rub off on me.
Did you see that girl over there with the fands? She's gross!
by DogNazi May 27, 2011
Lacking a wrist. When you can't tell where the fore-arm ends and the hand begins on a person of excessive weight. The upper-body version of the 'cankle'.
"omg she's so fat she's got fands!"
by LosrDogg May 07, 2009
Fand, in "pittsburghese", is a verb that means to discover, or "find" in the past tense (found).
Time is fand by this formula.
by somaganjika December 22, 2008