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9 definitions by LosrDogg

When the new porn you're downloading is 5% from completion and the download speed drops considerably or stops completely.
It was just about beat time when my shitty service provider totally eCock-blocked my Jenna Haze download.
by LosrDogg August 16, 2009
5395 2707
Similar to bed time, but takes place about 5 minutes prior. It's that special time of night when, you guessed it, masterbation occurs.
"I gotta go, it's my beat time."
by LosrDogg July 26, 2009
5745 4578
The residual shit found on toilet paper while wiping after sweating profusely from the anal canal. Usually occurs long after a shit has taken place, and is the result of swamp ass.

See swamp ass.
"I was not surprised to find swamp shit on the paper when I wiped my ass after a long day tending to my garden."
by LosrDogg July 21, 2009
23 5
Lacking a wrist. When you can't tell where the fore-arm ends and the hand begins on a person of excessive weight. The upper-body version of the 'cankle'.
"omg she's so fat she's got fands!"
by LosrDogg May 07, 2009
20 5
Shit Company: Entertainment in human form, via telephone conversation, text, or online chat while you defecate. This can also take place in person if you and your shit company are comfortable with it. Shit Company is not for the quick pinch and one wipe shits, but instead for the long, arduous, break a sweat, ball busting shits.
"If it weren't for my shit company, I'd have been bored as fuck for the last 30 minutes."
by LosrDogg July 24, 2009
21 8
The need to take a 'break' while conversing with a friend, via telephone or instant messaging device, for the sole purpose of pleasuring your genitals. Afterwards you then of course resume activity with said friend.
Joey, this conversation is very riveting, but my blue balls are killing me. I need a beat break, brb!
by LosrDogg August 17, 2009
7 2
The most retarded name for a hot sauce ever.
"I want this hot sauce to be more geared towards beef, what should we name it?"

-beefy bouncy!

by LosrDogg August 16, 2009
5 2