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1. An Italian porn star with one hell of a large cock. Someitmes on his videos he strech d butthole to much and it just stays there, gaping back at you. He is a person to be respected.

2. Term of respect for your fellow sexually active friend.
1. Rocco Oh baby!
Woman Ohh god!

2. Dude i salute you Rocco.
by Bojan May 24, 2004
A game series developed by Interplay, Black Isle and 14 Degrees East, it is simply the best gamme that has ever existed. Every moment spent playing it, every second of watching some Enclave fuck's body beign minigunned to bits was good. Oh so good.
*Norg hit Raider for 33 points*
by Bojan May 22, 2004
Vince Ray, a well known tattoo artist who's designs follow his specific style of drawing, combining 50's retro with cult icons such as the 8 ball, flames, the number 13 and dice with sexy Betty Page-esque style women in kinky devil outfits creating on the whole, some of the best tattoo designs ever.
His designs are commonly seen amongst the psychobilly audience or etc, and one fine shop called Dragstrip based in Camden has many a fine piece of clothing/accessories with his designs on.
Vince Ray - probably the best tattoo artist in the world.
by Bojan May 14, 2005
Possibly the best drink ever. Naturally i'd say that as a Norwegian. It puts hair on your chest, knuckles, balls or anywhere you lack hair.
Stine was having a bad day so she decided to chug down the hjemmebrent stowed away at the back of the kitchen drawer. Shortly after consumption she fell into coma due to the extremely high alcohol content in her bloodstream.
#alcohol #norway #hjemme #brent #moonshine.
by Bojan June 27, 2008
German for "double fist". Colloquially used to describe the act of insterting two fists into the same orifice such as the vagina or anus.
The term retains it's German origins as it implies a far more brutal treatment to the more conventional practices of fisting.

Similarly it is used within the Metal culture to indicate aviolent arousal to someone/thing or to express a distaste for someone/something, depending on context. (See example two).
1. Hrafvnir doppelfausted Mary whilst she was chained to the bathroom floor. The screams were amazing, i think she's starting to like it these days.

2. "I'd doppelfaust that girl over there!" or alternatively: "look at that hige brutess over yonder, she needs a good doppefausting in her mouth!"
#fist #double fist #double #metal #arousal
by Bojan November 08, 2007
Poussay comes from the same dialect pattern as clayt. it is mostly used by butch German lesians who body build, listen to Kraftwerk (nothigns wrong with Karftwerk) and and wear lederhosen.
Greta fingered Helga's poussay.
by Bojan May 24, 2004
The word derives from an amalgamation of the acts of crying, shitting and wanking which, are performed simultaneously. The outcome of this act is a sensory and emotional overload (sic).

N.B. Acheiving a state of equilibrium amongst the three sensations experienced during a crushank takes some practice to achieve but once mastered, the subject may experience a state of nirvana.
"Shaxy read that book about Buddha and how he reached the higher plane through consistent crushanking and sought to emulate his most beloved mentor. He spent the next decade ferevently mastering the art of Crushank."
#wank #cry #shit #buddha #nirvana
by Bojan June 26, 2008
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